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Singer Simi reveals one thing people don’t know about her


Nigerian singer, Simi has revealed one thing people don’t know about her.

The mother of one, via her Instagram page, noted how many always ask her to tell them something they don’t know about her.

Succumbed to their demands, Simi stated that she loves to experience every day as it comes, while giving it what she has and then facing the next one.

The wife of Adekunle Gold added that she tries not to obsess with things she can’t control, and doesn’t chase after what is not for her.

Simi further added that she is contented with what she has and she stays grateful for all the blessings in her hands and her life.

Simi expressed gratitude to be able to live her dreams in whatever capacity.

“Sometimes people ask me to tell them something people don’t know about me; one of those is that I love to experience every day as it comes. I give it what I have and then face the next one…I try not to obsess about things I can’t control. I don’t chase after what is not for me regardless of how much I think I want it. I’m content, and I stay grateful for all the blessings in my hands and my life.

Said that to say I’m grateful today to be living my dreams in whatever capacity I can each day, to be loved, to love, for music, for my family – blood and otherwise – for my friends, for people that ride for me on my best days and on .u worst. God is good to me and I’m really, really grateful.

PS: The team said Seattle was the best yet. I on the other hand have lost track”.

Brymo makes sexual confession about Simi

Last week, Simi made headlines after Nigerian singer, Brymo confessed how he demanded intimacy from Simi before working with her.

In a series of tweets, the singer disclosed that he gave out sexual conditions to every female singer who wanted to collaborate with him in a bid to fulfill his fantasy.

In a voice note he released, Brymo said Simi had requested a song feature with him, but he spelled out conditions for her before he could work with her.

According to him, he wanted to know what it feels like to make music with a female artiste he is bedding with.

The singer added that a part of him felt remorseful about the condition he had Simi and others, even though he didn’t know she was having an affair with her now husband, Adekunle Gold.

Adekunle Gold reacts

Putting up the defensive hat for his family, Adekunle Gold warned him not to disrespect his wife and family.

He advised his colleague to get help.

“Do not disrespect my wife and my family. Get help!”.



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