Why This Woman Bans Her Husband From Having S3X Will Make You Mad

Why This Woman Bans Her Husband From Having S3X Will Make You Mad

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There are lots of people with twisted minds in the society; it will be difficult for one to fully understand the things going on in other people’s heads.
Some women put their partners under pressure by asking them to meet a certain needs of theirs. They know fully well that their partners love them enough to want to do anything for them, they act on this and end up taking the men for granted.
Janey is a 30-year-old woman who has threatened to ban her husband from having s*x with her until he pays for the surgery that will make her look like Kim Kardashian. She also asked him to buy her a $78.000 Range Rover which costs about N24.5 million.
The 30-year-old woman is a shopaholic who spent $16.000, which is about N5.2 million, in a shopping trip. It is absurd that a woman will make such demands of her husband.
This woman bans her husband from having s*x for this
At this point, it will be appropriate to say women and money are inseparable; considering the things this woman expects her husband to do before he will be allowed to perform his obligatory duty as a man, whatever you think is fine.
With this, one can peep into the thoughts of some men who do not want to get married. They know they cannot cope with demands like this. They know what they go through when their girlfriends have to go to the salon.
Imagine what some men face when they have to put up with house rents, money for upkeep, and incessant demands for baby things from baby mamas. Women seem to have a ton of things they want to do with money. Many of them spend a considerable amount on cosmetics as looking good is a priority to many of them.
This woman bans her husband from having s*x for this
S*x is viewed as a weapon; this woman bans her husband from doing what he should be doing normally because she is a plastic surgery addict who wants to have a Kim Kardashian body. She has taken the emotional blackmail a step higher.
Janey is confident that her husband, Ross, who is a soldier, will not do anything crazy behind her even as she has placed a ban on their lovemaking scheme. This will not be the shopaholic’s first time of putting him off. This could go on for about three weeks.
She is a jobless woman who has a huge collection of designer wears, shoes, and bags in her closet. Janey thinks women should use their private parts to get what they want from men.
This woman bans her husband from having s*x for this
Considering the fact that this couple is still together despite the expenses incurred by the woman, this relationship screams love. What do you think?

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