What a Woman Did to a Man after He Refused to Have S*x With Her on their First Date Will Shock You

What a Woman Did to a Man after He Refused to Have S*x With Her on their First Date Will Shock You

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A man refused to have se x with a woman after they went on a date for the first time and the woman did not keep quiet about it.

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The man received a barrage of abuse over texts after refusing to sleep with the woman during a date.
The screenshots of the messages, which were posted to image sharing site Imgur last night, show the man’s female date initiate conversation before launching into an angry rant.
The unnamed woman even goes so far as to suggest that her date had no right to turn down the opportunity to sleep with her, asking him whether he was gay and telling him no only means no when a woman says it.
‘Can I ask you something?’ the woman says.
Once her unnamed date from the the night before agrees she continues. ‘Why didn’t we have s*x last night?’
The rational man writes, ‘I’m not really sure. Just didn’t feel like it. That bad?’
It seems as though, according to the woman, it certainly is bad, as she goes on to send some foul-mouthed messages.
‘It kind of ****** me off because I took a good 2 [sic] hours out of my time to get all ready, shave my legs, and what not… I’m actually super ******* ****** I wasted 2 hours of my time getting ready for nothing.’
The confused woman goes on to add, ‘I literally kept giving you hints and was trying all night.’

However, the man stands his ground and replies: ‘I just didn’t want to. Sorry bout it lol. What’s the big deal, it’s just sex [sic].’
But the woman just can’t accept no for an answer and loses her cool completely at his response, as she writes:‘The big deal is I wasted 2 [sic] hours…Okay **** that a whole night trying to have sex with you and you just ‘didn’t want to.’
‘Like what’s the issue? Are you actually gay and lying? Am I that ******* hideous? Not that ******* hard to whip your **** out???’
And she even argues with the man’s protestations of ‘no means no’ as she claims that the anti-rape catchphrase only has significance when she uses it.
However, the man still manages to keep his composure and cooly answers the message, calling the woman ‘hypocritical’ and repeatedly telling her that he ‘didn’t need reasons’ to not want to have sex with her.
He also sarcastically remarked: ‘Rape is only rape for women, got it.’ 

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