VALENTINE GIST: Can You Date/Marry A Girl Older Than You?

VALENTINE GIST: Can You Date/Marry A Girl Older Than You?

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Hello, Gistsvillites!

Hope you are having fun with your spouse out there?

As we celebrate Valentine’s Day I have a very interesting question I will like us to discuss.

First of All, Do you think Age matters in a relationship Or Is Age really just a Number?

Guys, how do you feel to even go to the extent of wooing a lady older than you especially when she’s older than you elder siblings

I have had a lot of circumstances like this and most of we guys don’t see anything wrong with it suffer the love is there.

I believe today is the best day to discuss and I surely know you all will have one or things to say before we go watch the interesting football match.

While robbing minds with my guy on the street he said:

“Age is just a number” is a psychological coinage to challenged an individual to break boundaries and not limit oneself due to age barrier. However, technically, it’s a factor that plays a role in our self-actualisation too.

Biologically and physically it weights in on us and our physiology too. It goes beyond just saying it’s all about love because sometimes it goes beyond that especially when the gap is way much.

What then happens to birth and raising kids together, growing as a couple together too and bonding as well.”

For Me: Personally, I can marry someone older but as long as we are both within same age bracket not someone outside it.

So guys, let hear your opinion!!!

Can You Date/Marry A Girl Older Than You?

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