Tuesday, October 27, 2015 RepUrRoots with Ace Roots

Tuesday, October 27, 2015 RepUrRoots with Ace Roots

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Ace Roots wants to celebrate and reward communities of people that show the greatest connection and affinityto their Roots- the neighborhood where they grew up or are presently living. The roots of a tree determines how high it grows,so people that proudly represent the hoods that nurtured and shaped them; with all the unique things,that taught them to see and handle life’s issues the way they do are truly connected to their roots.


If you really love your roots as much as you claim, show it! #RepUrRoots in the Ace Roots campaign. 

How to Enter?
1) Follow us on Instagram and Facebook@acerootsng
2) Share your photos or 15 Seconds video telling us where you represent and why you represent that place.
3) Tag your pictures and videos using the hashtag #RepUrRoots to submit.
4) Share and ask your friends to LIKE your photos/videos.
Take it even further in the Ace Hood contest and get your neighborhood toshow their undying commitment and support for their roots at your local bars. All you have to do is:
Buy bottles of Ace Roots and put the crown corks in the Labelled Gathering Bag hanging at whatever outlets where they hangout.  The Hood that gathers the most crown corks over a four week period will win the rights to host thecoolest and greatest Hood party ever; a night to showcase the talents and greatness of the hood to the world in grand style.
Celebrate your roots in the #RepUrRoots brought to you by Ace Roots, the low sugar herbal alcoholic drink with an intense blend of 14 true African herbs, fruits and spices produced by Nigerian Breweries plc.
Ace Roots…Change Your Game to LOW SUGAR

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