May 21, 2018
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Tuesday, October 27, 2015 personal loan to the rescue

Tuesday, October 27, 2015 personal loan to the rescue

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Christmas is fast approaching and I am like “Oh my God” what am I going to do? Mum’s 50th birthday is a few weeks away! The children need Christmas clothes, the house needs to be redecorated for the season and my car has been at the mechanic’s for ages! For the past three months I have not gotten any major job as an event planner so I literally have nothing on me.
I placed a call to my closest friend, Sade, the only person that bails me out when I am down on cash and she said “I am very sorry; I just made payment for my Christmas goods coming in from the UK, so I am broke too.”

While I was still thinking of how to get that much needed cash Sade called me a few minutes later urging me to take a Personal Loan. Of course I know about loans, but I have been so skeptical about taking them because of many awry stories I have heard about hidden charges, delay in approval and ridiculous interest rates. So I told Sade I wasn’t interested in the loan.
She however persuaded me, telling me about a particular loan outfit that can approve a cash loan of upto NGN1.5 million in just 48 hours! I did not believe a word of this, but I headed down there all the same and to my amazement I got the loan with the lowest interest rates you can imagine and without having to put down collateral.
Now I am fully prepared for the festivities ahead and I have started getting everything ready for an amazing birthday party and a wonderful Christmas, all because I made the right choice by accessing the personal loan.
You too can get this Personal Loan from Rosabon Financial Services. Simply visit can also send an email to [email protected]or call 07046533688, 07046523346

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