Trending Right Now: #SomeThingsNoDeyChange

Trending Right Now: #SomeThingsNoDeyChange

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Trending Right Now is the hashtag #SomeThingsNoDeyChange.
Do you believe change is the most constant thing in life? Well, tweethearts believe that’s a wrong impression as there are various instances of situations, people and moments which never bring about the change needed rather it just stays constant, never changing, always the same regardless whatever.
Nigerians are using the #SomeThingsNoDeyChange trend to share their plights and predicaments in various facets of their life, be it emotional, family, educational or government influenced – which supports the motion that not everything changes.
@BushBoy reminisces: ‘When a kid asks U a difficult question and U simply say when U grow up U’d understand’ , while @MordernTailor narrates relationship woes, ‘Your boyfriend codedly scoping another babe in your presence’ , and @FuturisticPete’s  is ‘When guys wind up their car window so girls think their car has AC’.
Read Hilarious Twitter Banter Below:

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