Thursday, October 22, 2015 Mid term break / Exam prep Home coaching for your child

Thursday, October 22, 2015 Mid term break / Exam prep Home coaching for your child

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The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night. – “Henry Wadsworth Longfellow”. Is your child prepared for the rest of the term? the tests and the exams? Does your child have what it takes to beat his peers or perform up to his own potential. Don’t just sit back and watch your child struggle through exams ohhh! Try this success hack during the midterm break and watch your child’s results surprise you…

Midterm breaks are a golden opportunity for an adult with the required knowledge to teach your child 1 on 1 and help him understand difficult topics the teacher has been teaching all through the term

You know when kids are taught in class, they can’t learn at their own speed. The teacher is trying to explain to Jane, trying to get Jude to stop making noise while Paul is far ahead and is the only one answering questions but no one is paying any attention to Bolu.

As Mr. John tries to teach the whole class your child might be left behind. But imagine Mrs Kate could come to your home to teach only Bolu and make sure he does assignments, make sure copied notes and explain the things he missed during Mr John’s class. Home tutoring focuses specifically on your child and helps him improve much faster than he or she would during normal classes. A few weeks of intense focus on your child can have immense effect on their performance.

On the contrary, leaving your child to watch tv, sleep, play all day during this mid term would expose them to the danger of Learning Loss. Don’t do it, you’re child can forget up to a month of what they already learnt. Getting a home tutor is one of the smartest and most effective ways to prepare for the final lap of the term.

Well how do you get the best tutor under such very short notice?

Very simple, Get a home tutor from PrepclassPrepclass is the most reputable private tutoring outfit in Lagos. We assign our experienced tutors to clients/learners based on their needs or the needs of their children and the results they want to achieve (Click here to Request a tutor now!). We carry out intensive tests on all our tutors and certify them good enough to teach specific subjects and we also do background checks on them. When it comes to the quality of the tutor and the safety your home/child. Prepclass gives clients a satisfaction guarantee that sets them at ease, over 85% of our clients say they would be happy to recommend us to others and over 90% of them are able to achieve their learning goals and get great value for their money

So call 01-2913970 now to get a tutor. Oh and the best part of our program is that your child learns at the comfort of your home (no need to drop them or pick them from school), the tutor gives your child 100% attention (which they don’t get in school) and can quickly identify and address topics your child is yet to master. Also the tutor only comes a few hours a day (morning, afternoon or early evening) so your child can still enjoy the rest of the break

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