This Man Lures Women On Social Media, Drugs And Rapes Them…Read More Shocking Things He Does!

This Man Lures Women On Social Media, Drugs And Rapes Them…Read More Shocking Things He Does!

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Though many people have met social media and are happily married still doesn’t make one easily fall prey to internet relationship scam.
A man named Olukayode Agboga with the IG profile name of @classicgenesiss is said to be in the scam of cunning ladies and lure them to hotels then drugs them and rapes them after which he carts away with their belongings.13140865_1189935027686470_491175776_nWhen a source revealed this incidence, he said
Chi pls there is this dude going round on Facebook and Instagram and snapchat luring young girls to hotels around Festac telling them he is based in abuja and convince them to meet him up he drugs them after having sex with them he runs away with their belongings


Pls lets make this known so he can be caught.
Though they were informed of the incidence by the victim, one of the men rushed and went to track his phone number (09057338942) but the said man had moved away. he said;
As I talk to you we went over to his house yesterday but to no avail. Am friends sister was a victim of this guys xcapades last week Friday was when it happened at Festac
I ran a check on him on his sim reg and came up with the address and name he used to register his line and got his real name and address.
When asked if the man has been caught. He said;13140865_1189935027686470_491175776_n
On getting to the supposed address at number 23 Martins Igbo Erin Ojo we were told he just moved out.
We even went round and was told he has been doing this things to different women it then took me back to the lady who was killed some years back by a dude she met on fb and it was still at the same Festac and we heard thats how most of them operates.
Please help report this man to the authorities and ladies please be WARNED about this man and his likes. Help track him down and great reward awaits you.

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