Sunday, October 25, 2015 Man attacks and nearly kills his babymama (photos)

Sunday, October 25, 2015 Man attacks and nearly kills his babymama (photos)

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A LIB reader shares her friend’s story below..

The father of the baby of this my friend wanted to kill her. He attacked her while sleeping by cutting her neck. She woke up and jumped out of the window to save her life and her legs got broken. About 2 and half years ago, before she had a baby for him, she complained to me and showed me pictures of injuries she sustained from this guy. I advised her to walk out of the relationship, she told me it was over between them but to my surprise a week after she told me they have settled and went back to him.

After she had a baby for him the abuse became more severe, whenever she tries to leave him, the guy and his parent would beg and persuade her to stay, she too would stay. This is what finally happened to her few days ago. (See the attached pictures)
I will like to advice women to learn how to walk out of abusive relationship, don’t wait for the man to change and don’t ever think it would get better. Don’t listen to people telling you to endure, you are the one feeling pain not them. Please walk away before you get killed, your life is more important than the relationship.
To the men, stop using the strength and power God gave you to abuse women, women are meant to be cared for, you are suppose to protect them not kill them. You too have a choice to walk away if you don’t want her anymore than to make her stay and abuse her. 

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