Shocking!! See How Woman Found Live Worm in A Hamburger She Was Eating [Photos]

Shocking!! See How Woman Found Live Worm in A Hamburger She Was Eating [Photos]

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Diana Serik filmed the moment a live worm wriggled out of a hamburger she had just bitten into. She was dining with friends in Astana, Kazakhstan when she made the gross discovery. She posted a video of the incident to Facebook where local media picked up on it. the burger bar is facing calls to be closed down for health checks.

In the video she can be heard saying: “We stopped by at Hardee’s fast food restaurant, located Kabanbay Batyra street. 


And here is what I discovered in my hamburger. Be careful everyone and everyone should be aware. They should have checked what they put into their food.”
The restaurant, a branch of the Hardee’s American fast-food chain, later claimed their food was “carefully checked”.
A spokesman said on social media: “We test everything before selling it and we have all the necessary certificates guaranteeing the quality of our food.”
One internet user named Beybarys however saw the matter in a different light saying: “Worms are also made from meat so why would she complain?”

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