Shocking! Man Killed Woman And Continued To Have Séx With Her Corpse (Photos)

Shocking! Man Killed Woman And Continued To Have Séx With Her Corpse (Photos)

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Timothy Johnson
A man has been accused of killing a woman during s*x and then continuing to have s*x with her dead body.
A Florida man murdered a 52-year-old woman, used her credit card to go and eat at a waffle house, and then returned to the scene and had s*x with her body for hours, according to police.
Timothy Johnson, 25, was arrested in connection to the murder of Judith Therianos who was visiting Florida as a tourist from Maine.
Police say that Johnson killed Therianos, a mother of two and a grandmother, while they were having s*x, according to WTSP.
Officials believe that Therianos may have wanted Johnson to stop and that’s when he allegedly murdered her. An autopsy revealed that Therianos died from blunt force trauma.
Police say that Johnson had s*x with the dead woman’s body ‘for a while,’ after killing her.

Judith Therianos
According to an arrest affidavit, Johnson stole a credit card from Therianos and went to Waffle House and ate before returning to have s*x with her decomposing corpse, report ABC.
Therianos’ corpse was found off of US Highway 19 in Florida, a little less than a month after she disappeared. She had been missing since March 14.
Police believe that Therianos may have met Johnson at a liquor store on March 13. They reportedly made their way to a wooded area where Theranios’ corpse was found with both her genitals and breasts exposed.
Sheriff Chris Nocco said he thinks Johnson may have committed other crimes.

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