[Poetry & Poems] Lights

[Poetry & Poems] Lights

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@Sir. steve
You are the one I wear this red dress for
The only one I would let take if off
I want to let you eat me out with Marvin Gaye at the background
Those good night kisses too short to express all I want to say
I’m smitten, distracted almost in awe of you.
Don’t go away, let me belly roll and slow dance for you.
When you whisper in my ears shortly before you flip me over,
Its blurred lines of lust and love I see.
You keep chasing me around the room, there’s only two ways this can end
You on top or me on top, you rock my world,
There no competition home or abroad.
There’s not a place I’d rather be, beside you is my happy place ,
Its home .

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