PLEASE Help!!! My Side-Chick Is 9months Pregnant, How Do I Break This To My Wife?

PLEASE Help!!! My Side-Chick Is 9months Pregnant, How Do I Break This To My Wife?

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A Gistsvillite sent us a mail saying because he’s been away from Naija for a long time, he had to date a girl to help with his konji wahala.  Read below:

Dear Mankind,

I’ve got a huge problem that I need a good advice on.

I reside in Kenya. I’m married in Nigeria with two wonderful kids.

Because I’ve been away from home for a long time, I had to date a girl here to help alleviate my konji wahala.

Unfortunately for me she got pregnant and refused to abort it even though she knows I’m married.

I know you’ll ask why I didn’t use a condom. I was using initially but after dating someone for almost a year, you sometimes get carried away and that’s what happened in my case.

Do I tell my wife back home or just pretend nothing happened?

After all, the baby is never coming to Nigeria to interfere with my family. She’s giving birth in a week or two and it’s a boy.

Dear Gistsvillite,

The truth is always the best option. No matter how convenient it is to ‘forget to mention it’ or how easy it might be to cover it up.

Yes, the kid won’t come to Nigeria to interfere with your life but then it’s a child – as in, a whole child that’s going to grow up and start asking questions and seeking a relationship with his father.

You can only hide the fact for so long. Your wife is still going to know about it at some point.

I think it is better to take responsibility for your actions. Be the one to tell your wife about it.

This sounds difficult but it is the right thing to do. It is respectful to your wife, manly and responsible of you.

I wish you the best as you try to salvage this situation.

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