PLease Help : I want To know how to spot a Guy with a Big d.ick

PLease Help : I want To know how to spot a Guy with a Big d.ick

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@Sir. steve
I must confess you are doing a good job , keep it up …….
My boyfriend is my problem
He loves s.ex so very much , yet he is a few seconds man and it’s beginning to reduce my life spam,He makes love to me least 7times a day.  Even when am in school, he will call and beg ..
He bought me a car and tinted it and ever since,He just drives to any where I am Drive my car to a dark corner and make love to me .
My major anger is the 1min ,He just last 1min and his out panting Like he went to war .After one hour he will call again and  Come and waste my precious time .It became very annoying because He just puts my body on fire and Waste my time , on some occasions I had to m.asturbate my way out.


I cheated on him last week with another guy,But my anger was that this same guy I cheated with was worse , his d.ick is dwarf in size, kept slipping in and out of my body …. In 30 seconds he poured .
I was so angry with myself that I cheated with rubbish .I want to break up with my boyfriend
And get another guy , but all I want ,To know is how to spot a guy with a Big d.ick .
How do I find them ?How do you know they have a big d.ick once u see them ?
I don’t want to go throwing my legs open cause am looking for .I need to know how to spot a big d.ick guy at first sight .
Admin please post asap I don’t want to keep wasting my time .

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