Photos : Soldier Strips Female Workers Na Ked For Stealing

Photos : Soldier Strips Female Workers Na Ked For Stealing

- in Naija News
@Sir. steve

This story is so bizarre and I really don’t know how authentic it is. Someone sent it to me. According to the story, a Republic of Benin soldier named Corporal Chabi Séni stripped five girls naked and tied them to a tree after accusing them of stealing from their madam who owns a bar and who is his wife. The soldier decided their punishment would be to parade them naked and have someone take photos of the girls while the bar manager is seen kneeling in the background. I had to crop the girl’s naked bodies out of the pics but I will include his face. Is there any way this man can get arrested for this?

That is the soldier with the manager kneeling. As you can see, he’s looking at the naked girls. What a hopeless man..

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