Photos : B.reast Ironing- What Is This Horrid, Spreading Culture All About?

Photos : B.reast Ironing- What Is This Horrid, Spreading Culture All About?

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From what I could gather, this is a practice carried out mainly here in Africa that involves the use of instruments such as pestles, hot grinding stones, bananas, coconut shells, spatulas and coal-heated hammers to press, massage and crush the developing b.reast tissues of many young girls at the early stage of puberty.
This is done to prevent them from being attractive to males and hence prevent rape and other forms of s.exual abuse.
This ‘culture’ is widespread in Cameroon and other African countries including Kenya, Benin and Ivory coast, and affects around 3.8 million teenagers overall according to the United Nations.


Breast ironing is usually performed by the victim’s mother on the basis that she is trying to protect the girl from s.exual harassment and rape, to avert early pregnancy that would smear the family name, or to let the girl go after education instead of being forced into early marriage.
This practice is extremely painful and the girls are put at risk of tissue damage and cysts, malformed b.reasts, and in extreme cases it can cause one or both br.easts to disappear.
There are worries that breast ironing has spread to the diaspora with an increase in the number of cases in Britain though charities, NGOs and human right groups are working to raise awareness concerning the problem.

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