“Noah’s Ark” complete with Dinosaurs, opens in Kentucky

“Noah’s Ark” complete with Dinosaurs, opens in Kentucky

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A $100 million representation of Noah’s Ark opened to the public on Thursday, June 6 in Williamstown, Kentucky.

The massive exhibit, claimed to be the largest timber frame structure in the world, sits on the grounds of a Christian theme park, Ark Encounter, a for-profit enterprise founded by Ken Ham.
He said the park is an evangelical tool aimed at teaching creationism, a literal interpretation of the Bible’s Book of Genesis.
“I find some of the aggressive secularists try to shut down people talking about the bible,” Ham said. “So for us it’s ‘How can we get a message out there about the Bible?’”
The ark is 510 feet long, 85 feet wide, and 51 feet high, constructed based on dimensions derived from scripture, Ham said. Its three decks span more than 120,000 square feet.
“It is much more than you can ever imagine,” Ham said. “When you see the architectural algorithms you need, engineering diagrams … and all the supporters, thousands upon thousands of supporters who financially made this possible … I mean it’s amazing.”
In addition to the ark exhibit, the park features a petting zoo, zip lines, live entertainment, a 900-seat auditorium and a 1,500-seat restaurant.
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