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No death sentence on breastfeeding mothers – Islamic cleric

A renowned Islamic scholar and Chief Imam of Takur Commercial Mosque in Dutse, Jigawa State, Aminu Baba Waziri, said Islam has prevented the execution of the death sentence for breastfeeding women due to its importance.

Waziri stated this on Wednesday while delivering a lecture at an event organised by UNICEF in collaboration with Jigawa State’s primary health care development agency to commemorate World Breastfeeding Week, held at the Manpower Development Institute, Dutse.

He said that Islam attached more importance to breastfeeding, and as such, it encouraged parents to ensure they breastfeed their newborns, as stated by Almighty Allah in the Holy Qur’an.

“And the mothers are to suckle their infants for two years, for those who wish to complete the suckling.” Qur’an, 2:233.

Waziri explained that due to the importance of breastfeeding, Prophet Muhammad suspended the execution of a breastfeeding woman who was sentenced to death until after weaning her child.

He said Allah has also ordered the breastfeeding mothers to introduce the newborn babies to breastmilk immediately after birth.

“Allah inspired Prophet Musa’s mother to breastfeed him after giving birth before she put him in the basket and in the river to save him from Pharaoh’s killing decree.”

He said this clearly shows how early initiation is important in Islam to prevent complications for the child.

While commenting on exclusive breastfeeding, Waziri said Islam keeps silent on whether breastfeeding should be done exclusively or with water.

Addressing the gathering, Nutrition Officer, UNICEF Kano field officer, Elhadji Diop urged, the Jigawa State Government to Provide adequate resources for prevention of malnutrition through promotion, protection and support for Maternal, Infant and Young Child Nutrition.

He, therefore, called on everyone, including traditional and religious leaders, Community leaders, CSOs, and the media, to support breastfeeding.



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