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My grandchild died of neglect in government hospital – Akpabio

Senate President Godswill Akpabio has stated that his grandchild died of medical neglect in a government hospital.

Akpabio made the revelation on Friday, during the screening of a ministerial nominee, Tunji Alausa.

He said “My first grandchild died in a federal medical centre through bleeding in 2019. He was receiving drip and it was tissued in the night. There was no help.

“No doctor or nurse. He bled until he lost 60 percent of his blood and almost going mental, he struggled and fell on the floor looking for water to drink. And rolled on the floor till the early morning dew. That is where they found him. By that time, he had gone into a coma. I was on my way to the 2019 rally in Port Harcourt when they called me.

“They brought a defibrillator to revive the heart, but it didn’t work. I also used my hand and struggled with my personal physician, I couldn’t revive him. I had to close his eyes and put him in the mortuary”, he said.

Akpabio further explained that when he inquired when the defibrillator was last used, he was told that the machine stopped working eight years ago.



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