Monday, October 26, 2015 Photos: This lady is looking for her father

Monday, October 26, 2015 Photos: This lady is looking for her father

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24 year old Yetunde Brown, a student at the College of Agriculture in Jalingo, Taraba state is searching for her father who she simply knows as Major Brown. While narrating her story to NTA, Yetunde said her late mother, Asabe Lodiya who died in 2002, only handed her a photo of her father without giving her his name or any other information about him. She said;

“I don’t know my father’s real name. I have his picture and I have my mother’s picture. I only know him as Major Brown. Those who I met and asked about him, said they know him as Major Brown because that is his popular name. He is the one that named me Yetunde saying that I am his mother that came back. I can’t just believe that if truly I am his mother that came back, he can just dump me in Taraba there without knowing anything about me.  I want people out there to help me look for him or to talk to him. I believe there are my relatives out there. I want to know my father’s family. I want to see my father if he is still alive because since I was born, I have never set my eyes on him” she said

Her late mum
Pic of her dad

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