Let’s Talk!! Legit Guys, Do You Feel Threatened/Frustrated When You See Yahoo Guys?

Let’s Talk!! Legit Guys, Do You Feel Threatened/Frustrated When You See Yahoo Guys?

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Hi Guys,

Let’s have a heart to heart talk about Life today.

Believe me you, Yahoo boys are everywhere and most times when people see them Spending Lavishly or Flaunting their Blings, they feel Frustrated/Oppressed/Depressed and Bitter.

To some people, they don’t see Yahoo boys as Oppression, instead of as a Means of Motivation to becoming a greater person in their chosen line of Legitimate businesses.

60% of those who are involved in this Illegal hustle actually indulge in it when their Legitimate hustle is not paying well and when they can no longer stand seeing those illiterate who can’t speak good English continue raking in millions of naira, they dive into it.


As a Legit hustler, something comes to mind when you see Yahoo boy spending Lavishly on Rides, Houses, Blings & Drinks and it’s 👇

Can I Make So Much Money From My Job/Work/Hustle/Business To Live This Kind Of Life?

Immediately you start asking yourself questions like this, then there is a big problem and it simply means you are OPPRESSED!!!


I know how troublesome it can be when you noticed a Yahoo guy is moving closer to your Girl whether on Social Media, In School, Workplace or anywhere.

You begin to become restless, afraid that your Girl is about to become someone’s Girl and at this point you become so concerned and angry.

This simply means you are FRUSTRATED!!!

Now, our Question is 👇

Do You Feel Bad/Threatened/Frustrated When You See Yahoo Guys Around?

Share your Experience with us on how you’ve been able to deal with Situations that has to do with them.

Drop your comments.


To all the guys still holding on to their Legitimate hustle, May God in his infinite mercy bless you all and bestow up you all with enormous wealth 🙏

Keep striving, the payback time is near 😄

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