Let’s Talk!! At What Age Was The First Time You Had S3x

Let’s Talk!! At What Age Was The First Time You Had S3x

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I was like 9 years old and she was 15, innocent and cute then that some girls get jealous when they see me chatting with random girls, sometimes its just bad to be cute.

There was one girl in my area that got obsessed with me, I could remember vividly. She lured me into her room and started pressing my body and I was enjoying it so I didn’t complain, then after the pre-intimacy she directed my dick into her tight honeypot and that was how she “disvirgined” me at a tender age.

Infact she gave me everything with cash, she told me anything I want I should tell her since her dad is a rich business bloke and her mum a banker so they could afford anything she requested from them.

However, sometimes when I do remember those silly things I did at a tender age, i just shake my head and laugh.

So guys at what age did you have sex?

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