Ladies; See 7 Places To Touch Your Man To Arouse Him &To Get Him To Do Your Bidding

Ladies; See 7 Places To Touch Your Man To Arouse Him &To Get Him To Do Your Bidding

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A man’s mouth is one hell of an erogenous zone if properly kissed. Kissing your man fully on the lips can help to boost the levels of the hormone, dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter that spikes desires in both men and women. If you want to get your man going, simply trace his lips with your tongue while you go ahead to bite the edge of his lower lips softly with your teeth. You’d get him groaning in no time.
His Neck
A man’s neck is sensitive and can trigger shivers down his spine according to a study published in the journal Ergonomics. The study also found that the human neck loves to be triggered by low-frequency vibrations. As a woman, you can take advantage of this fact by kissing the back of his neck while your mouth is slightly opened. The combination of the shivers, vibration and heat generated by your breath will prompt sensations he has never felt before.

The Ears
A survey carried out in the United Kingdom found out that ears ranked directly below the scrotum as the part of the male body that makes them ecstatic the most. Put this information to good use by licking and nibbling on your man’s ears delicately while whispering sweet nothings such as ” do you want me to go further?”
His Ni pples
Remember how good you feel when he sucks on your ni pples? He also wants you to show the same love and care for his ni pples. A survey carried out by the Journal Cortex found out that men ranked their ni pples as one of their most sensitive parts. You can suck on one of his ni pples while you stroke the other with your fingers. This is because the two erogenous zones will give him enough pleasure that he’d be willing to do your bidding.

His Scrotum
The scrotum has a lot of nerve endings that is bound to send him crazy. Anything you ask of him when you do this will be granted but remember not to bite or pinch because that area holds the reproductive power of your man which makes it sensitive and vulnerable to any hard impact. During foreplay, you can start with your hand around his scrotum while bringing your fingertips closely together around them.Squeezing and sucking it gently is enough to get your man to climax and of course, get you what you want.
The Shaft Of His Pe nis
According to surveys published in the British Medical Journal, men rate the shaft of the pe nis tops when it comes to orgasmic sensitivity as compared to other erogenous areas of their bodies. This may be so because of the presence of erectile tissues which lie deep underneath the skin’s surface. As a result, men usually want the shaft of the pe nis to be handled firmly to give them an orgasmic experience.

The glans is also the head of the pe nis and is one part you want to concentrate on because of the presence of numerous nerve endings. Your man’s Glans is similar to your cli toris even though it is not as sensitive as yours. Cover your palms with water-based lubricant and loop your fingers in an O shape over the glans. Pleasure him with short, slow pumps by tightening your fingers around the tip.
When you give him a bl0wjob, run your tongue over his glans and watch him moan and groan. After this, you can ask him anything you want and be sure of getting it.

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