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Justice Ahiakwo frowns at Tinubu’s threat to use military force against Niger coupists

President Bola Tinubu has been urged to restrain himself from using force in Niger Republic against the military junta led by Gen. Abdourahmane Tchiani which overthrew President Mohamed Bazoum last week.

In an exclusive interview with DAILY POST on Sunday morning, Justice Osai Ahiakwo said the threat by Tinubu to apply military force to restore normalcy is unwarranted and will compound the socioeconomic burdens of the country.

There have been mounting pressures even from the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on Tinubu to restrain against invading Niger.

Ahiakwo described Tinubu’s stand as stiff, advising that he must listen to voices of reason which have called for the application of diplomacy.

Ahiakwo reminded President Tinubu of the terrible hardship and lives of Nigerians both soldiers and civilians that will go, insisting that the country does not stand to gain anything from invading Niger.

He stated that “Several economic sanctions on the coup plotters would also not encourage harmonious and amicable resolution as the current impasse will occasion severe hardship on the generality of the nation’s citizenry.

“President Tinubu must apply serious caution in order not to escalate the already fractured region that is a spectator over the civil war between Russia and Ukraine.

“I am sure that good reasoning shall prevail as those including President Tinubu, calling for Nigeria to lead the war against the coupists in Niger Republic are yet to come to terms with the reality that this action might lead to world war.

“Although as a sovereign nation, Niger Republic is under obligation to respect and obey the regional treaty of promoting democratic protocols.”

Justice Ahiakwo advised the president not to resort to the use of force but apply diplomatic strategy in achieving better results.

He urged Tinubu to work towards cohesion in ECOWAS and to sustain a peaceful coexistence amongst the member nations.

The learned jurist said the threat by Tinubu to use ECOWAS force against a member state has already fractured the body, splitting it into two camps.



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