How To Get a Guy to Like You Really Fast

How To Get a Guy to Like You Really Fast

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You might be interested in a guy, but
you find it difficult to make him get interested in you. Maybe you are
using a wrong technique. Below are some ways to get a guy to like you
really fast. You can do this to have his interest in you and eventually
fall in love for you:

10 Tips to Get a Guy to Like You Really Fast

1.) Be Yourself to Get a Guy to Like You Really Fast

is important that you be yourself and behave in your normal self when
around him. This is important as faking your character while around him
will make him dislike you the moment he gets to know you. You should act
yourself, but in a descent manner. Allow him to know the real you, but
in an exciting manner. Excitement in a man is the key thing and if he
did not find in you, then he will not like you.

2.) Be Visible to Get a Guy to Like You Really Fast

being visible it means that you make it easy for him to notice you.
This can be from the manner you dress up or by being close to him. You
should be smartly dressed if not at your best when you are at the same
place this may attract him as men naturally like smartly dressed ladies.
You should also make sure that he sees you by passing close to him or
at a distance that will make him see you completely. You should also try
to stand out wherever you are so that he will not miss noticing you.

3.) Smile to Get a Guy to Like You Really Fast

you meet the guy, give him a rather flirty smile. This shows a friendly
sign hence he will develop an interest in you automatically. Every time
he meets you, he will get excited naturally and even be the one to
smile first and initiate a conversation with you. It is not only women
who love an attractive smile; men also love it and respond to it
positively. So the next time you meet him, be smartly dressed and give
him a great smile and it will be very difficult for him not to like you.

4.) Eye Contact to Get a Guy to Like You Really Fast

sure you maintain an eye contact while speaking to him. This will
excite him a lot and make it difficult to forget you long after you have
left. He will think about you when alone, hence higher chances of him
like you depend on his opinion about you. Maintaining a direct eye
contact while speaking to him shows him that you are interested in the
conversation you are having hence gotten motivated to speak to you more.
A direct eye contact also excites him hence increases chances of him
liking you.

5.) Showing Interest to Get a Guy to Like You Really Fast

that you are interested in him increases his chances of liking you. You
can do this by inquiring about him from him or from those close to him
who you are sure will tell him about your inquiry. However, you should
not overdo this as it would only make him repulsive instead of
accommodative to you. You should not ask him too many questions about
him because he will think you are being too investigative hence not like
you. Asking too many questions from his friends will show that you are
too desperate and this is not good.

6.) Motivate to Get a Guy to Like You Really Fast

should motivate him when he has s difficult task ahead of him like an
exam or an interview. This would naturally boost him moods knowing that
there is someone who has confidence in him. You can also compliment him
after the task, no matter the outcome. You can also reward him by taking
him out for dinner; even men love a special treatment, especially from a
lady. If he plays a particular game, you can motivate him by
accompanying him to the game, especially when they have a crucial game.
Your presence there and your cheers would surely make him like you.

7) Become a Friend of his Friends to Get a Guy to Like You Really Fast

a friend of his friends makes him like you as he knows you approve his
company. You can also make your intentions known to them and maybe they
may help you to get his attention. His friends can tell you the kind of
guy he is and help you know more about him. Through this you can know
his likes and dislikes hence know how to approach him and excite him
appropriately. You can surprise him by gifting him with something he
really loves. This will beyond doubt make him like you.

8.) Initiate Conversation to Get a Guy to Like You Really Fast

you meet a guy that you really like, you can make the first move by
initiating a conversation with him. This is because you cannot wait for
him to make the first move because he may not have noticed you or he
does not feel the same way. You can start a conversation by saying hi to
him and commenting about anything, this would ring a bell with him
about your intentions hence responds effectively to you. The
conversation should be interesting if not funny which will increase his
chances of liking you.

9.) Find Something you Both Enjoy to Get a Guy to Like You Really Fast

can ask him or inquire from his friend about what his hobbies are. You
can also observe his activities closely and get both of you would enjoy
doing together. You can inquire about his taste of music or the type of
movies he likes and watch them together. You should make it known to him
that you enjoy doing the activities with him. This is very important as
he will know that both of you have a similarity which is a proved
natural attraction to any sex.

10.) Make Your Feelings Known to Him to Get a Guy to Like You Really Fast

doing all the above without him openly him openly giving you a
response, it is of great value when you make your feelings about him
known to him You can do this by texting him, writing him a letter,
through his most trusted friend or you can tell him face to face. To do
this you should first tell him what you like about him and anything you
enjoy doing with him. You should be sincere and open to him at this
point with care that you do not look desperate. Respect his answer.

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