Here’s How Nigerians Can Travel Visa-Free Around the World (+ How to Get There)!

Here’s How Nigerians Can Travel Visa-Free Around the World (+ How to Get There)!

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often hear about all the obstructions to travel including how expensive
and difficult it can be to acquire certain visas from Nigeria. We do
not often hear about the abundant options for Nigerians to travel
visa-free! In a country where the economy fluctuates and flight routes
are not excellent, it is a breath of fresh air to find countries that do
not require visas from Nigerian passport holders.In all, there are up
to 44 countries which Nigerians can visit visa-free or with visa upon arrival, a good number being African countries and islands.
general impression is that other countries in Africa do not have much
to offer but that’s ridiculously untrue. In fact, we’ve compiled our top
5 countries on or off the coast of the African continent which can
provide an amazing travel experience. We also tell you how you can get
there and the best airlines or transport companies to take! Here’s how
to travel visa free.

5. Gambia
The near enclave of Senegal has sealed its spot as the tourism hub of
continental West Africa. Even though the country is small, it offers
travellers pristine white-sand beaches, camel tours, forest parks,
historical and cultural sites, fishing villages and even dolphin
travel visa-freeGambiaThere
are a variety of options for any budget including luxurious resorts and
village adventures. Banjul, the capital city, is an ancient trade hub
and this continues till today. As a member of the Economic Community of
West African States (ECOWAS), all passport holders of member-states
including Nigerians can visit Gambia without a visa. You will need a
valid yellow card, which can be gotten at any Port Health office in the
country. What a great place to start to travel visa-free.
Travelling from Nigeria, Arik Air offers flights from Lagos and Abuja to Banjul via Accra. There are currently 4 – 5 hour flights out of Accra four days a week.

4. Ghana
In order to travel visa-free, neighbouring countries are a great place
to start! A surprising number of traveling Nigerians have not yet
visited Ghana, probably because of assumptions that our sister-country
might be too similar to explore. This is false. Ghana and Nigeria share
several similarities but each country has an unmistakable character of
its own. Ghana is rich in culture and does a good job to preserve
history on the slave trade. There are also unforgettable adventures in
Ghanaian cuisine.
travel visa-freeSource: wikipedia.comThere are several ways to get to the black star nation from Nigeria and the range covers a variety of budgets. Aero Contractors Nigeria (ACN), Arik Air, Africa World Airlines and Medview Airlines
all fly non-stop daily out of Lagos. Some airlines offer more that one
flight throughout the day. There are also non-stop daily flights from
Abuja to Accra on Arik Air. Flights are often 45 minutes to 1-hour long
and with Ghana one hour behind Nigeria, travellers often do not lose
time traveling. A 1-hour flight that departs Lagos at 7:00am will arrive
Accra at 7:00am, local time.
There are also countless comfortable
and more affordable road routes to Ghana. Travellers can depart from
motor and bus parks from every major city in Nigeria on ABC  Transport and
a host of other private transport services. Some services will handle
passengers’ clearance at the border. Remember, as an ECOWAS country, no
visa is required to visit Ghana. You will need a valid yellow card,
which can be gotten at any Port Health office in the country.

3. Madagascar
Madagascar, famed for its exotic wildlife and exceptional island
culture, offers free visa upon entry to visitors spending less than
three months in the country.
travel visa-freeSource: flchams.comNot
surprisingly, several tourism activities are centered around the ocean
and density of wildlife species, some of which can only be found on the
island nation. The food of Madagascar is also a highlight as the country
has built a reputation for the importance of rice in its cuisine.
Kenya Airways and South African Airways
fly from Lagos to Antananarivo, via Nairobi and Johannesburg
respectively. There are also flights via the same airlines from Abuja to
Antananarivo. Visas are obtained upon arrival and yellow cards are

2. Kenya
Nigerians are not exempt from obtaining visas to enter Kenya, however,
the process is so seamless, so Kenya is eligible for our list of
countries to travel visa-free.. Kenya’s visa upon arrival ensures that
visitors simply fill a form when they arrive and make a payment of $51.
They also have an e-visa application system which allows you pay
securely for your visa on the visa portal prior to arrival and print out
the authorisation slip. The process can take as little as 24 hours.
travel visa-freeSource: thevillagepot.comKenya
is also a popular destination for Nigerians, especially because of the
top-notch wildlife and conservation offerings. As a result, Kenya
Airways flies directly from Lagos to Nairobi daily in under 5 and a half
hours, with some days featuring more than one flight. Three times a
week, Nigerians can fly from Abuja directly to Nairobi on Kenya Airways. Rwanda Air and Ethiopian Airlines also fly from Lagos to Nairobi, with stops in Kigali and Addis Ababa, respectively.

1.Cape Verde
Cabo Verde (or Cape Verde in English) is an undermentioned gem located
off the coast of West Africa. The archipelago contains some of the most
relaxing vacation packages on this end of the continent. Nigerians can
transport themselves to another world in Cape Verde, where Portuguese
influence seamlessly marries traditional Cabo Verdean roots. Visitors
can wake up in luxurious hotels or island adventure residences
overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and enjoy a swim in the blindingly blue
ocean as the Sun rises. There is an unlimited supply of water and beach
activities as well as hiking volcanic mountains. The architecture, music
and food are reminiscent of its African, Creole and Portuguese
heritage. Cape Verde is paradise in the neighbourhood.
travel visa-freeSource: hotel-r.netThere
is still a lot of room for improvement in developing the flight routes
among ECOWAS countries and travellers often have to make a couple stops
from Lagos to Praia, the capital city of the island nation. Currently, Air Maroc is a viable option from Lagos to Praia via Casablanca. Asky Airlines
also flies to Guinea Bissau from where direct flights can be caught to
Cape Verde. As an ECOWAS member state, Nigerians can travel visa-free to
Cape Verde.
The world is beautiful
and there are countless places to explore. Africa is a vast continent
and every corner of our home is filled with richness and heritage. Got
any ideas? Share with us by leaving a comment.

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