Funny But True! This Is The Reason Why The Husband/Man Die First In Any Marriage (Here Is The Solution)

Funny But True! This Is The Reason Why The Husband/Man Die First In Any Marriage (Here Is The Solution)

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This is exclusively for men, but any woman who is not afraid of the bitter truth can read it too…..

A Master of ceremony (MC) cracked this usual joke at a wedding reception? It goes thus:..

“Who should pay bills or take care of the children?

Who is to pay school fees of children?

Who should toil to provide for the home?

The whole audience shouts…. “Daddy!

Who should the child buy a car for after graduation?

The women answered loudly… “Mother!!!

Who should die first among the parents?

All the women in the hall screamed “Daddy!“..

Truly and sadly such is the fate of any responsible man in life. When a lady is single and has four problems and her fiancée has six problems, immediately they get married, the man’s problems become ten automatically (10) as the man immediately starts to carry the family problems.

Men are made to struggle to take care of family problems, children’s education, home maintenance, and virtually all provisions of life. Women are only there to help and Positively Challenge you.

Due to these challenges and unending struggle, men tend to wear out faster and probably die early as a result of stress, hence, it is important for men to ensure that they don’t allow their women to push them into unsustainable family commitments and expensive lifestyle that he knows he cannot afford or cope with in the long run.

If you do, you run the risk of stress and continuous family unrest. Ensure you take right decisions at all times… Do not kill yourself.

If you suddenly slump and die, surprisingly, life will continue.. You will be shocked in your grave 😩 Bae will even marry another man earlier than you could imagine.

Most men are worn out by the time their children graduate or retiring at same period… All the struggle would have already taken serious tolls on his health and life…. and dies prematurely, leaving Mama alone to enjoy what you live all your life to labor for.

Trust women, they quickly settle down while you are long gone..

Be sensible, never allow your wife to goad you into embarking on long term stress and burden, you can least afford.

Take Note!

This beautiful piece was composed by Pretty Mike popularly known as “#WeatherMan #HusbandMaterial #PythonLover 🐍🔥

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