Ever Wondered What Successful People Like Dangote And Bill Gates Do On Mondays? Read Now!!

Ever Wondered What Successful People Like Dangote And Bill Gates Do On Mondays? Read Now!!

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I know these are not some new tips, some of us probably know about these tips already. Everyone wants to be successful and all that, but then, success doesn’t come to people who just sit and wait for wonderful things to come their ways, of course, one has to make them happen, how? Relax, It’s cool to start from somewhere, no matter how small. What you have to do is to start off your week in a just way;
Okay, like I mentioned earlier, this is nothing new, generally, Monday mornings are a crucial part of every new week, once you wake up late, the time you set aside to achieve your goals gets shortened. Yes! getting enough sleep is essential, but, that’s the reason it’s equally important to sleep early at night(Sunday nights), by doing that, you would have killed two birds with one stone-getting enough sleep and waking up early.
You see why number one is important? You won’t have to rush off without having your breakfast. No matter how early it is, you should try to grab some breakfast for yourself, could be eggs, cereals, fruits, anything light. Why do you need a breakfast? It’s simple, to provide you the energy you’ll need to kick off your day!
Quite a difficult task trying to accomplish goals you don’t even know, use a few minutes of your time to write down a ‘list of things you want to get done’ for that week. After getting your list ready, break it down again in order to get a ‘list of what to do on each day’, that would save you a lot of stress.
right! You struggled to get out of bed in the morning, you’ll probably feel lazy to exercise your body, it happens, but, do you really want to start your day on a good foot? I guess the answer is ‘yes’, then, you should push yourself for some body exercise.
I remember this quote “Do something today that your future self will thank you for.” This means a whole of things
* DO not postpone something you need to do today, so that you don’t find yourself struggling to get it done tomorrow, in a hurry of course.
* Do not postpone picking out whatever you wish to wear, so that you don’t get stuck trying to settle for something to wear tomorrow.
I don’t know what that might be telling you, but, do something your future self will be proud of tomorrow.

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