How I Enjoyed Wild S3x With My Friend’s Boyfriend – PART 2 [Very Erotic, 18+]

How I Enjoyed Wild S3x With My Friend’s Boyfriend – PART 2 [Very Erotic, 18+]

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…He came down and kissed my waist by holding tightly and kissed my navel. He inserted his tongue and kissed it again and again. He looked me in my eyes and said, you are damn sexy and it’s mine.

I hugged him and said, it’s yours only. Focck me hard and satisfy me that I won’t ever forget this moment in my life. He was damn excited and he lifted me in his arms and throw me on a bed in his room.

Before I could do anything he got up and removed my bottoms. And here we were both naked savoring each other.. I started with what was in my mind. Got hold of his tool in my hand bent down and placed a kiss on him.. Slowly teasing him with my lips.

I opened my mouth and started soccking him.. Harder and harder…. His hip moving in acceptance. I could feel him enjoying and while I was playing with his dicck his hand was on my pusss. Finger foccking me hard, making it difficult to concentrate on him.

He stopped me and looked at me with a seductive look giving me a sign that now let’s try.. He removed the condom packet from his jeans now which was lying on the floor.. As he rolled the condom on his dicck I was scared.Excited..And then he told me to take the control. He asked me to be on top.

I came over him we tried many positions similarly for the whole day, he really had a great stamina to satisfy a girl. After that session, we had sex many times almost twice in a week as he pays for a room near my place so that we can enjoy freely over there.

He being inside me was one of the best feelings I had till now, I love the way he foccks. Later on, after 6 months of sex life, we thought of trying something else. I always had a desire to had foursome once in my life and I shared my feelings with him.

He completely agrees with me to arrange some hot and sexy guys to have foursome provided I allow my sister and one of my friend Lola to have sex with him. I agree with him that I will surely fulfill his desire as we are focck buddies and it’s our duty to satisfy each others desire.


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