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ECOWAS vs Niger: Coup has Russia backing – Ohanaeze cautions against war

The Ohanaeze Ndigbo socio-cultural organization, has urged President Bola Tinubu to halt all military operations in Niger Republic.

Ohanaeze warned that military operations in Niger Republic would have devastating consequences on Nigeria because the neighbouring country has the backing of Russia.

A statement by a factional Secretary-General of the group, Okechukwu Isiguzoro, called for a peaceful resolution to the political crisis in Niger Republic.

He stressed the need for diplomacy and stability in ensuring the overall progress and prosperity of the West Africa region.

The statement reads partly: “President Tinubu’s military operations in Niger Republic could potentially escalate tensions with the Ecowas member countries and heighten regional security concerns.

“It is important to note that Russia’s alleged involvement and their support to Niger, Mali, Guinea and Burkina Faso troops to counter President Tinubu led-ECOWAS troops will spell doom for member countries, Nigeria in particular.

“Ohanaeze Ndigbo believes that the governments of the USA and the UK are encouraging President Tinubu to combat the military junta in Niger Republic.

“However, the organization warns that such military interventions may not go well for Nigeria.

“It raises concerns about the potential fallouts from these operations, including increased instability, potential retaliation from the Niger/Mali/Guinea/Burkina Faso alliance backed by World Superpowers, and the potential diversion of resources away from pressing domestic issues in Nigeria.”



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