"I dont want to die today" Heartbreaking 911 call from Orlando massacre's youngest victim as she bled to death

"I dont want to die today" Heartbreaking 911 call from Orlando massacre's youngest victim as she bled to death

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Haunting and heartwrenching…that is how Akyra Murray’s last words can be described. The 18-year-old was the youngest person killed in the Orlando shooting. She had just graduated from West Catholic Preparatory High School in Philadelphia, third in her class and was at the nightclub to celebrate with her cousin and a friend.
She had initially escaped the club when the gunman Omar Mateen, opened fire but returned into the fray when she realized her friends were still inside. She was later shot. 
In a set of of call logs released by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department on Thursday, one dispatcher describes Murray’s call made the call at2:32 a.m:
“Compl[ainant] adv[ises] losing feeling in her leg … Just keeps saying ‘I don’ want to die today.'” Another entry noted, “My [victim] is 18 years of age…She is losing eyesight and feeling in her body.”
The terrified young woman also texted and called her mom, telling her that she had been shot. “She was saying she was shot and she was screaming, saying she was losing a lot of blood,” her mother, Natalie Murray, told DailyMail. “I tried to tell her to remain calm and apply pressure to the wound,” she added. “All I could hear was my baby screaming.”
Natalie Murray hung up with her dying daughter so that she could call the police not knowing it was the last time she would speak with her. “If I’d have known that that was the last time I was going to talk to her, I would have never got off the phone,” Murray said in a recent interview with NPR.
“We sat out there from 2:32 am. until they let us in the hospital at 12 noon, 1 o’clock…” Natalie Murray said. “Knowing nothing, knowing nothing – whether she was dead, alive, safe, gone, still in the club. She sat in that club until 6 a.m. until they blew a hole in the wall and killed the assailant and got the kids out, but my daughter was already gone. She’d bled to death. She had took a bullet to her main artery in her arm. I’m thinking, when she said she was hit in her arm, oh God, it’s just her arm; she can survive this; she can survive this, never, ever for once thinking that it was her main artery and that it would take her out.”
Source: Daily Mail

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