Been sexless for over 14 yrs due to small manhood and premature ejaculation but these two solutions worked for me

Been sexless for over 14 yrs due to small manhood and premature ejaculation but these two solutions worked for me

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My name is Olayinka Adekunle, a 35 years old Marriage Counsellor. I used to hear people talk about a ‘slap in the face’ and I took things literally. However, my perception to the phrase did not take long before things started falling in place. To me, a ‘slap in the face’ came right after I got married. I always heard people say that having a large penis and the best erection capacity is the key to satisfying a woman in bed. 

Out of my naivety, I snubbed everything that my friends said, yet I knew so well that my penis was not large and that I had poor erection capacity.
 The worst nightmare came to me after my nuptials during my first night with her. I must say that I have never suffered such an embarrassment before. With all my sexual excitement, I thought that I would perform best with her. I thought I would make her tour the heavenly arena for once through the best sex that I supposedly could have offered. But NO! This never came to pass. I performed so badly that she could not hide it. My erection was so weak, my penis never met her size preference and my ejaculation came prematurely. Truly speaking, this is the last thing that any woman would expect from a man.
All through the other part of the honeymoon, I had to avoid sex like a dangerous plague. A lot of guilt ate me up such that I could hardly look her into the face. The least I could do is sneak out and hang out with my best friend.  They say that a friend is the best thing you can have, and I can attest to that. My close buddy could not help but see that I was in some sought of agony. I had no choice other than to open up to him about my sexual troubles. Little did I know that he was once in my situation but eventually got the ultimate solution.
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