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AMDF observes International Day to put a stop to journalist impunity.

AMDF observes International Day to put a stop to journalistic impunity.

The Africa Media Development Foundation (AMDF, has celebrated all African journalists on the occasion of the International Day to End Impunity Against Journalists.

A joint statement issued by Sekyen Dadik and Joy Gadani, Executive Director and Senior Programme Officer of the Foundation, respectively, said, “This is a remarkable day to highlight the critical role that journalists play in promoting transparency, accountability, and democracy in societies around the world.”

The statement added that it is also a time to recognize the dangers and challenges journalists face in carrying out their work, stressing that all around the world, they often find themselves at the frontlines, uncovering and reporting on corruption, human rights abuses, wars, and several issues happening locally and globally.

As the watchdog of society, the statement explained that journalists play a significant role in holding government, institutions, and individuals accountable while also giving voice to the voiceless and amplifying the call for justice, inclusion, and development.

“Today, AMDF acknowledges the great service journalists offer at all levels, knowing that this invaluable service comes at a great cost. African journalists face various forms of harassment, intimidation, and violence, including threats, physical attacks, and even murder.

“The culture of impunity that allows perpetrators to go unpunished only serves to perpetuate a cycle of violence and the silencing of the press,” the statement added.

The Foundation said governments, international organizations, and civil society must work together to create an environment where press freedom is prioritized regardless of the situation.

“We owe it to ourselves to strengthen legal frameworks that protect journalists, prosecute those who commit crimes against them, and ensure justice is served,” the statement emphasized.



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