One of the things I’ve always hated is comparing myself with others and I hate it even more when people do it

So last night was talking to my girl on phone and I told her to call me coz am about to run out of airtime after spending almost 30 minutes on the phone with her

And then she started saying all this shiits about her ex like “my ex will never ask me to call him” and “I can’t even recall the day I’ve called or flash him” so I told her that she should continue with him but she laughed and continued talking about him and how the guy was giving her money but me I can’t afford the amount she always require

She went further and said there’s different between how the guy is treating her in bed and how I am, we’ve only had sex twice but did it in an inconvenience place.

At this point she has crushed my self esteem I was silent on phone after which she started laughing and saying she’s only joking with me, I don’t even know what to say to her was just silent

The idea of continuing the relationship with her is blurred for now. She just made me feel inferior.

What should I do?

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