A man or a woman? Guess who’s more likely to lend you some money ..

A man or a woman? Guess who’s more likely to lend you some money ..

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You may be better off asking a man rather than a woman for help if you need to borrow some cash, a study suggests.
Mobile payments service Payment found evidence that men were more likely than women to feel comfortable lending money if their partner, friend or work colleague.
Nearly two-thirds (63%) of men would be happy to lend money to a close friend, compared with just over half (52%) of women, Payment found.
And one in 10 (10%) women would feel uncomfortable lending cash to their partner, compared with less than one in 20 (4%) men.
Men were also around twice as likely to feel comfortable about lending money to work colleagues, with 21% being happy to do so, compared to 11% of women.
But when it comes to helping out relatives to tide over their finances, women appear to be around as likely as men to lend money, with 70% of women feeling comfortable lending money to family members – slightly more than the 68% of men who would be comfortable doing so.
One reason why women may be more reluctant to lend money to non-family members could be that men tend to be more up-front when it comes to asking for their money back.
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