5 Signs Your Love at First Sight Is The Real Deal

5 Signs Your Love at First Sight Is The Real Deal

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Is it actually real? Are there signs that love is true in the first few passionate days? Is there love at first sight?
Here are five signs that your new guy could be the real deal (in spite of the chemistry):

  1. He treats restaurant staff kindly.
    No, I’m not talking about manners… well, not eating habits anyway. A wise woman once told me, “Watch how your man treats waitresses. You will see much about his character.” Kindness and generosity to blue and pink collar workers is a genuine trait not easy to fake.

  2. He has a great relationship with his female family members.
    How does he treat his mom? Sisters? Ex?

  3. He’s busy and fulfilled with a productive hobby or career.
    If you fall for a guy who’s on fire about his own life and still takes time to prioritize you, that’s a great sign. The Universe may be able to create happily ever afters with broke, unemployed guys; after all, nothing is impossible. But do you really want that? Chemistry with a man with no income may be hot but is rarely the real deal.

  4. He’s not your type.
    When you’re attracted to someone outside your “type,” pay attention.

  5. You’re still into him two to three months down the line.
    Sometime in the two-to-three-month range, take a reading of your relationship. How hot is the chemistry? Has it changed for either one of you? If you guys are cooling off, here’s what to check: How fascinated are you with each other? You want to watch for signs that he’s “into you” outside of s*xual attraction.

Curiosity and fascination are two powerful indicators that this is the real deal,especially when the first rushes of chemistry start to pale. Crushes always melt you in the beginning and then break your heart in the end. In between crush and heartbreak, there are a lot of experiences waiting for you. Love at first sight experiences can rock your world and some are the real deal.

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