3 Worries Your Man Has About s*x

3 Worries Your Man Has About s*x

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Previously, we talked about women’s biggest worries in the bedroom, it would not be a fair one if we do not talk about the male counterparts. We hereby bring you 3 greatest worries your man has in the bedroom. Read on.
1. Not pleasing you enough
When it comes to the bedroom, men are like a microwave and women are like an oven. And he knows this. He tries not to climax too quickly and wants to last until the end (i.e. until his partner climaxes, too). So he tries as hard as he can to last longer. Communicate with each other during s*x. Use expressions such as “Let’s wait a sec,” “faster,” “slower,” red light,” “yellow light” and “green light.” This helps you and your partner stay on the same page, allowing you both to fully enjoy the experience. Also, not all s*x has to last for a long time. Talk to each other openly about what your expectations are. This will take some pressure off of him, and you’ll both get what you want.
2. Seeming too needy
Every guy knows the stereotype that guys want s*x more than girls. Even though this isn’t always true, guys are still sensitive to the stereotype and don’t want to be “that guy” who seems like he wants s*x all the time. So, your guy might only subtly make an advance or say he only kinda wants to make love when actually he really wants to. Be sensitive to this.
3. Trying new things
When guys get married, they have ideas about things they want to try in the bedroom. But they also know women can be sensitive and even insecure about s*x, so they don’t want to talk about these things in case doing so will make their women upset. For both partners, the answer is the same: Get up the guts to talk about the new things you want to try. Even if you don’t want to try something, this conversation can be fun because you will talk about each other’s interests and you may come up with some other ideas to try.

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