3 Tips To Have An Awesome Husband

3 Tips To Have An Awesome Husband

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A wife can help create and cultivate happiness for her husband when…
1.She is happy herself.
This one might seem unexpected, but it’s really important. A husband will usually not be happier than he perceives his wife to be. To put it another way, your husband will be happiest when he believes you’re happy. The sound of your laughter is one of the sweetest sounds in the world to his ears. Your smile makes him smile. As a wife, you should never “fake” happiness just to put your husband in a good mood, but when you take care of your of yourself (mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually) to bring happiness to yourself, it will usually do wonders in bringing happiness to your husband.
2. She shows him respect* (even when he blows it).
A man has a desperate need to feel respected (especially by his wife). When a man believes his wife truly respects him and sees the best in him, he feels like he can take on the world! When he feels like his wife is his biggest critic instead of his biggest encourager, it takes the wind out of his sails. There will definitely be times when a wife has to correct or “call out” her husband, but her tone should be consistently uplifting. Your words can shape his world. Some phrases that will make his day include, “I believe in you. I appreciate all you do. I’m so proud of you. You can do anything you put your mind to. I’m with you no matter what.”
3. She initiates s*x.
The happiest husbands feel great about the frequency of their s*x life. The most frustrated husbands feel like they have to beg for s*x. When a wife never initiates s*x (and especially when she consistently rejects his s*xual advances) it will crush a man.
Sometimes, you’ll be doing all of these things and your husband will still be in a grumpy mood. This obviously isn’t your fault. Men can just be weird and moody sometimes! Thanks for putting up with us.

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