20 Laws Of Loving A Woman Right

20 Laws Of Loving A Woman Right

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Love is more than a feeling. Love is a verb expressed in action. We have discussed the 15 laws of loving men, we are going to be talking about how women want to be loved today. Here are 20 rules of loving a woman.
1. Listen to her.
2. Taking her “petty problems” seriously.
3. Communicating more openly with her.
4. Noticing her more — not just when you wants s*x.
5. Saying “thank you” for the things she does.
6. Being interested in her life — or at least acting like he’s interested.
7. Showing affection when other people are around.
8. Sharing his goals and values with her; talking your business over with her.
9. Remembering her with little gifts or just planning an evening out.
10. Taking her out without the kids more — maybe just for a ride and an adult conversation.
11. Including her in the things you do.
12. Trying to understand her.
13. Getting involved with things she enjoys doing.
14. Just holding her in your arms and talking to her.
15. Being tender and using kind, gentle words.
16. Helping in the discipline of the children.
17. Saying little words of caring, compliments and appreciation.
18. Accepting her just as she is.
19. Spending more time with the family.
20. Making her feel like a woman.

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