11 Small Things Women Do That Drive Men Nuts

11 Small Things Women Do That Drive Men Nuts

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You should be driving your man crazy — with love. But unfortunately, there are a lot of annoying ways to drive him crazy, too. Here are some of them:
1. Leaving your hair in the sink
He loves your luscious locks — on your head; not so much in other places. It’s gross to clean up. Do your man (and yourself) a favor by cleaning up after yourself.
2. Primping in public
It’s not classy to be constantly fussing over your hair or makeup while out in public. It makes you appear shallow and distracts you from focusing on the people you’re with.
3. Gossiping
Gossiping looks bad on everyone, but it tends to be a more common problem among women. Speak kindly and positively about others.
4. Taking over the bathroom counter
Remember that it’s his space, too.
5. Being late
If you know you need a lot of time to do your hair, plan accordingly — especially if he is taking you out somewhere. Respect his time by getting ready on time.
6. Complaining about that time of the month
Now there’s nothing wrong with talking about perfectly normal body functions. But don’t use your period as an excuse for being grumpy. It’s also likely not a topic that he totally understands; so don’t talk about it excessively.
7. Posting too much on social media
When you’re living your life just to look cool for other people, then you’re not paying genuine attention to your man. Picture-perfect relationships on social media often don’t tell the whole story. Instead spend time being truly happy.
8. Asking him to take too many pictures of you for Instagram
It ruins the experience of being together when you are more concerned with how you look than you are about spending time with him.
9. Nagging
This is the classic way to annoy your husband. If you keep pestering him about doing something, it’s only going to make him want to do it less. If you want him to get something done, talk with him about it, set a deadline, and then leave him alone about it until then.
10. Responding with “fine”
This is confusing for your man, and he won’t be sure how to respond. Even if you really are doing OK, find a different way to say it, as this sounds passive-agressive.
11. Saying you have nothing to wear
This makes you sound spoiled and ungrateful. You do have clothes; you can find a way to make them work.

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