WOW! Kenyan Julius Yego taught himself Javelin throw via YouTube | Now He’s a World Champion, Running for Olympic Glory #Rio16

WOW! Kenyan Julius Yego taught himself Javelin throw via YouTube | Now He’s a World Champion, Running for Olympic Glory #Rio16

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Now this is something to get you revved up this Saturday.

We watched the Olympics qualifying rounds for the Men’s Javelin and noticed Julius Yego‘s strong performance (He came 6th in qualifications).

The commentator mentioned that Julius taught himself Javelin techniques via YouTube and that’s really what happened.
While many of his countrymen and women are superstar long distance runners, Julius was always interested in the Javelin throw.

In most cases, he did not even have access to proper javelins while practicing, therefore, he had to use makeshift long sticks.

He excelled in the sport in secondary school. He broke the Kenyan junior
record and won several high school championships but as his career
progressed, there were no coaches with the required level of
professional knowledge in Kenya, therefore he turned to YouTube for
guidance. He did not have internet access at home and he would go to a
Cyber Cafe to watch.
With the help of the knowledge acquired
via watching YouTube videos of his Javelin role models, he won a fourth
straight Kenyan title then went to the 2011 All-Africa Games and became
Kenya’s first ever champion in the event, throwing a Kenyan national
record mark of 78.34 m. This bettered Paul Lagat’s fourteen-year-old
national record (78.20 m). In respect of this achievement the IAAF
(the sport’s governing body) gave Yego a six-month scholarship to train
alongside elite javelin coaches in Europe at a training facility in
Since then, he has won major titles, including the World Championships Gold medal in Beijing last year and the Gold Model at the Commonwealth Games and African Championships in 2014.

Julius told CNN in December, “I have passion for javelin throw, I think somewhere in my blood is written javelin,”.

He is favoured to win a medal at #Rio16 tomorrow.
Wow, we are so inspired.
You can do it, No excuses!
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