There are so many businesses that young ladies engage in in order to make extra money for themselves. In UK, a 21-year-old student identified as Lady Kitten has publicly come put to reveal how and why she sells her used underwears.
Lady Kitten revealed that although she has only been into the business for just 6-months but she has made a lot of money dollars from it. She added that she ventured into the business when she saw some girls making money from it saying: “I try to list three or four pairs each week, although I can get a bit lazy.”
The young lady further revealed that, one day her seller contacted her saying the buyer wants her to wear the same underwear for three weeks without changing or washing it and she would be paid $5, 000 (2, 375, 000). She felt reluctant at first but gave in because the money was too good.
She said: “Felt really disgusting” throughout that three-week period, again, the price tag kept her going. Luckily I live by myself and tried to stay indoors for most of the three weeks, so no one could notice.”
She added that she was going to the use the money to pay her school fees and does not see anything bad in what she is doing.
Wahala dey….. Ladies please beware of what you buy online ooo!
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