I Will Retire After Winning The UCL – David Silva Says

I Will Retire After Winning The UCL – David Silva Says

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David Silva has said he will retire to the Gran Canaria if he wins the UCL with Manchester City.

The Spain international has won the world cup, the premier league , the FA Cup and the European championship, but has not won the Champions League.

Silva spoke to reporters from his home on the island in North Africa, saying the beach will offer a relaxation spot once he wins the European showpiece.

“I’d retire,” he said.

“If I win the Champions League I’m retiring back here. It would be very special for me.”

“I’m very happy to be at City and I would like to continue there for as long as possible,” he said.

“It obviously depends on my health, my quality on the pitch and if the club want me to stay.

“I would like to be there until the end but the Premier League is such a hard league to play in, it is much more physical than somewhere like La Liga, so it depends.”

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