A couple have been arrested after the body of the woman’s disabled pregnant teen daughter, Holli Jeffcoat, was discovered in a partially burned home with her uterus ripped out. The teen’s step father James Holland was arrested in March on three counts of rape and 1 count of murder.
Investigators have accused Holland of raping his step daughter several times going back to as young as when she was 8 years old. Suspicions of sexual abuse first came to the surface following a 2008 car crash in which Holli was involved. A blood sample from the teen, who at the time was only eight-years-old, revealed she had an STD but he denied it.
Investigators think the teen’s mother, Debi Holland knew about the abuse and even aided her husband to carryout and cover the abuse of her own daughter.  Debi is also suspected of preventing medical exams on her daughter which would have determined she was being brutally molested..

After years of abuse, Holli finally told officials at her school, as well as the Children’s Advocacy Centre, that she was pregnant with her stepfather’s baby. One official said Holli said she didn’t want to go home with dad because she didn’t want to have sex.

Debi was also arrested after her daughters body was found but she has reportedly denied any knowledge of what was happening to her daughter by her husband.
Source: UK Mirror

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