Staying Fit And Healthy Keeps Your S*x Life Alive

Staying Fit And Healthy Keeps Your S*x Life Alive

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Most of the really old don’t get it on. But if you keep yourself fit and in good health, you can keep having s*x further into your golden years.

Unfortunately, those who live to be 100 don’t have much of a s*x life as they near the century mark. The average man’s s*x life ends around age 70. For women, it’s usually over at age 66. But, says a study at the University of Chicago, published in the British Medical Journal, if you keep yourself in really good health and physical shape, you can squeeze out up to an extra seven years of s*x.

“Interest in s*x, participation in s*x and even the quality of s*xual activity were higher for men than women, and this gender gap widened with age,” said lead author Stacy Tessler Lindau, M.D., associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Chicago. But the study also “affirms a positive association between later-life health, s*xual partnership and s*xual activity,” she said.

A consolation for older women, according to the scientists, is that many of them seem not to miss s*xual activity after it ends.

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