The Signs You’ll See When A Woman Loses Interest In You

The Signs You’ll See When A Woman Loses Interest In You

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When your girlfriend no longer wants to be in the relationship, these are the signs you will see.

If you have a woman who constantly loves up on you, you might take her for granted and even complain that she is being too emotional or that she ‘disturbs’ you too much.
It is quite common to hear guys complain that their babes are always in their faces and that they act crazy and all that.
When a woman is into you, those are the things she does. And whether or not you complain about these things, she won’t stop doing them.
That’s because her heart is with you, and being the expressive beings that they are, that’s how best they know how to show that they are all for you.
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A girl’s persistent show of love is her way of expressing to you that her heart is with you.
But of course, there is only so much you can pull rubber apart before it loses its elastic nature.
When you stretch your girl to the point that she no longer cares, Inemesit Udodiong of “Love, s*x and Everything Else” says these are the signs you will see:

1. Whereas she’d normally ask and bug you ceaselessly about eating and other little things that used to make you roll your eyes, she’ll no longer care whether or not you eat or starve to death.
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She’ll no longer care

2. Your communication goes flat. Whether when you see face to face or when you text each other. Her tone loses enthusiasm when she speaks with you and that’s when you’ll begin to get those one-lined responses from her.

3. She no longer fights for you. And those guys that she once used to curve for your sake will now become entertained in her DM on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

4. The s*x will no longer hold meaning and you’ll know it. If she does not give you excuses not to have s*x with you, she’ll visibly distant during it and as soon as it is over she’ll use any excuse she can to not lie on that bed and cuddle with you.
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She becomes dead to your mistakes, and your touches

Point being that, even when you still get as intimate as having s*x with her, you’ll feel the distance growing between both of you.

5. She’ll also stop complaining about your pet peeves, Things she’ll normally chastise you about, she’ll just overlook without saying a word. That’s because she no longer cares.

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