Ngozi and Funke’s Naughty Under Table Tease

Ngozi and Funke’s Naughty Under Table Tease

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It had been over two weeks since Ngozi had had her first lesbian experience with Funke, and Funke had been bugging her about it ever since.

While Funke had a s*x-drive that wouldn’t quit and was secretly bisexual, Ngozi had always been more conservative when it came to s*x. She had tried some new things recently, things Funke would have considered ridiculously cultivated, like browsing online P0*n–but even her willingness to experiment was held back by her inability to land a date.
Before, she had been just frustrated by all this. Now she was somewhat confused.

Ngozi was a young 23 years old, but her s*xual side had been mostly inactive for the past few years. She was of average height, with a curvy body, long hair, and sparkling eyes. She had a cute, small nose, and an energetic smile. Her legs were long, her skin virtually flawless, and her D-size br**sts rounded out a terrific package. For someone with a body like hers, s*x should have been an easy subject.

This recent wild twist in Ngozi’s life happened very suddenly, however, and Ngozi didn’t know what it meant, or if it meant anything at all. She definitely enjoyed it, and she couldn’t ignore the fact that women had begun to dominate her s*xual thoughts and fantasies, but admitting to herself that she may be bisexual wasn’t that easy.

After all, she thought, all she and Funke did was s*x chat. Could such a small thing really change a person so greatly? The idea frightened her But it also made her very wet.

With someone like Funke to fantasize about, it was easy to see why. Like her friend, Funke looked much younger than her 27 years, and her body added greatly to that illusion. She was tall, nearly six-foot, and petite, which only made her C-cup br**sts look larger. Deep, dark lashes surrounded her eyes, and her hair was so dark it glisten in the light. Her skin was perfect.

Funke thought things were going to change right away after that evening on the phone, but Ngozi was resistant to the idea. Though Funke had never pressured her friend to “play on the other side” before, the possibility was too close now to just leave alone. Eventually she decided Ngozi needed to do this at her own pace. In the meantime, Funke would continue to drop some subtle hints that the offer still stood.

Even now she was trying to think of something cute and clever to say as she walked towards Ngozi’s office. They owned and managed a small business together, and were the only ones who actually worked at the office. Funke and Ngozi both loved that fact, as it allowed them to work more casually, with only occasional visits from customers or employees to interrupt them. Funke turned into the office with a big grin. “Hi–”

Funke was so shocked that she swore she felt her heart stop. Though she caught only a glimpse of Ngozi’s computer screen before it clicked off to Microsoft excel, the image on it was crystal clear: Two sexy, young women in a classic 69. The light-skinned lady was completely unclad, but the busty dark lady wore knee-high skirt. The former’s p*ssy was shaved, and the latter’s tongue was buried in it.

“Oh, hey!” Ngozi shot back. “You scared me. I thought you were still on the phone.”

She was trying to play this off, hoping Funke hadn’t seen the monitor.

“Sorry,” Funke said, trying to suppress a devilish grin. “I was just about to lock up.”

Ngozi stood up, trying to get in front of the computer, and made a big show of looking busy; shifting papers around, opening and closing desk drawers as if searching for something.

“Okay,” Ngozi said her voice quick and unsteady. “I’m just done here…Do we have any more paper for this printer?”

“I think I have some….”

Funke stepped a bit further into the room for another glance at the computer. The taskbar on the bottom was still visible, and it identified two programs as running. One was for the Excel. The other was the Internet, and it read ‘Lesbians XXX…’

That little slut! Funke thought to herself, smiling. It was then that Funke knew. Ngozi was into this, after all. She just didn’t know how to approach it. She couldn’t talk herself into asking for it, and probably didn’t even know how. Well, Funke thought, if Ngozi won’t make the first move, then–

“Oh,” Funke said, interrupting her own thoughts. “It’s in the other room. Under the table. I’ll get it.”

Funke stepped out into the front room and squatted down behind the table. There were no shelves or drawers here; the table was basically just a desk with a top with miscellaneous office items stacked beneath it. Funke was literally under the table herself before she found the paper packs. She was still sorting through the mess when a knock on the front door. Someone was here. She was about to stand up and greet whoever it was, but Ngozi beat her to it.

“Hi, sir,” Ngozi said cheerfully, walking toward the table. “How can I help you?”

Ngozi stopped so that her crotch was right at Funke’s eye level. Normally neither Funke nor Ngozi would have thought anything of it, but today was going to be different. Funke become short of breath as she considered how to go about doing this, and if she could really get away with it.

Listening to the conversation above, Funke made sure not to move a muscle, so as not to make a sound. This would only work if the customer didn’t know she was there. The guy sounded old, and probably had bad hearing, Funke hoped. He also seemed very choosy, and not too bright, as Ngozi had to talk him through every detail of the service. Before she finished answering one question, he already had two more.

Perfect, Funke thought, and she smiled.

Carefully she moved her hands toward Ngozi’s waist. She was wearing a short, light brown skirt today. Funke always teased Ngozi about wearing business attire to the office. She could have just as easily gotten away with trousers, which was what Funke wore today. It seemed funny to Funke now, as a skirt was going to be so much easier to take off than anything else would have been.

Careful not to scare her and blow the whole plan, Funke carefully placed her hands on Ngozi’s hips, and then slid her hands around her waist to her back. Most people would have been able to see over a counter enough to catch this movement, but Funke knew she had been blessed with having the desk built on a six-inch raised platform. The average person probably couldn’t see anything below Ngozi’s bust line.

Ngozi meanwhile, continued talking with the old man as she grew confused about what the hell Funke was doing down there. At first she thought Funke needed her to get out of the way so she could get up, but when Ngozi tried to step aside, Funke firmly held her in place. She had almost said something, but didn’t want to interrupt the old man, or give him the impression that he didn’t have her full attention.

Then the unexpected happened. Ngozi nearly choked when she felt Funke unhook and unzip the back of her skirt. What the hell is she doing, she thought. But then she knew, as her skirt was already at her ankles, and Funke’s warm little hands were sliding up her smooth, unclad legs. Ngozi took a deep breath and struggled to keep up with the old man’s questions.

She didn’t know how to handle this, and worse still, she didn’t have a chance to think about it. This guy was possibly going to give them a lot of business, and his impatient behaviour made Ngozi certain that he would walk right out if she didn’t take him very seriously. She was very nervous, but also definitely aroused.

Below, Funke’s hands slid up and around Ngozi’s thighs. Ngozi told herself that she didn’t want this–to be in this position with a customer right there. But she would have been lying to Funke and herself if she had pulled away in disgust. It felt too good, not just physically, but mentally, as well. Funke was releasing all that tension and confusion, and the one big question Ngozi had been pondering had been finally answered.

Despite the uncomfortable situation, Ngozi wanted this, and the possibilities of what Funke might do next were driving her wild.

Licking her lips, Funke placed her hands on Ngozi’s a*s and caressed her through the thin fabric of her black panties. She inhaled deeply, but quietly, and took in the unmistakable scent of her friend’s arousal. Leaning forward, Funke put her nose so it was just touching the crotch of Ngozi’s panties.

They were already damp. She inhaled again, then stuck out her tongue and licked the fabric between her legs. Ngozi’s whole body jerked in response

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