Does The New Nokia 3310 Have The Same Toughness As Its Old Version ? [Photo]

Does The New Nokia 3310 Have The Same Toughness As Its Old Version ? [Photo]

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When HMD took over Nokia on 01 December 2016. They have so many things in mind in which they will use to bring the old and dead mobile phone giant back to life. One of these strategies is the resurrection of the old and tough Nokia 3310.

Back in the days when this phone existed in its ancient form, the phone was very strong and tough, and that was exactly why everybody loved it.

HMD brought it back to life although in a new form and additional modern features so that they can lure back Nokia’s lost fans. The phone since its release is doing quite well. It is available in so many markets in different countries and affordable too.

But, a question always comes to mind. Does the new Nokia 3310 have the same toughness as its older brother?

To answer this question, a French blogger carried out some experiments on the Nokia 3310 version 2017. In these experiments, the new device was exposed to the experiences of falling from low altitude and high altitudes. It was also shown to be climbed by a car tire several times, and except for scratches, the phone continued to work perfectly.

Inasmuch as the phone is a younger version of its older version; built in an era where brands have abandoned the hunt for durability and toughness and instead they are hunting for sleek design and amazing features, the phone is expected to be less tough. But, Nokia did a great job on this one and I hope the phone helps them fulfil their plans.

The phone costs 19,000-20,000 Naira in Nigeria, and you can get it from online and offline stores.

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