MUSLIMS: See The 3 Tips To Help You Stay Healthy During Ramadan

MUSLIMS: See The 3 Tips To Help You Stay Healthy During Ramadan

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During Ramadan, Muslims change their eating habits dramatically, eating before dusk and after dark.

To all our Muslim brothers and sisters, here are some pointers to help you stay healthy during this Ramadan.

1. Eat more fibre and protein: “The two daily meals during Ramadan, are taken before dawn and after dusk, respectively. The first meal which is before dawn is crucial, as it is all Muslims last meal before facing the day, so it is important to make sure this pre-dawn meal contains protein (found in eggs, yoghurt, nuts, etc.) and fibre (fruit, vegetables, whole grains, etc.), both of which help stave off hunger during the day”.

2. Avoid overeating after sundown: “After a day of deprivation, there is a strong temptation to overindulge after breaking one’s fast, to curb the pangs of hunger before reaching for calorie-rich foods, your evening meal should also include protein, whole grains and vegetables and it is important to avoid empty calories and junk food, to eat fruit and vegetables per day, and to ensure that each meal includes healthy portions of protein and dairy products”.

3. Eat more fruits: “While Ramadan is just once in the year, it has the potential to negatively impact one’s health because eating at night rather than during the day affects the body’s metabolism, thus increasing the risk of weight gain and fasting can also lead to cravings for foods that are high in sugar and fat, which can also impact your waistline, so eat more of fruits to balance up”.

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